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Gold Standard Living

Classy Living

We have a sustainable approach and a long-term perspective when investing in and developing "Gold" value projects in major cities. The "Gold" value system is the norm for everything from utilities to completely integrated services inside each project, from design viewpoint to construction, and from executive management to professional operations team.


Implemented Projects



200.000 m2




Gold Standard Living - Staying in a state-of-the-art mansion


Located in the "center of the center" of major cities, easily connected to major routes and key locations in the region

Architectural Building

Not only are they cutting edge in terms of aesthetics, but the "Gold" items are also pioneering and legendary endeavors in the local community that have been built by trustworthy contractors


The living spaces in the apartment have been thoughtfully designed to ensure that every room benefits from natural light and that the interior finishing materials used throughout are up to date, stunning, elegant, and sophisticated


Maintaining a constant focus on the application of technology in conjunction with environmentally friendly green space to create delightful experiences


Having a series of "all-in-one" facilities that are up to 5-star standards, therefore contributing to the creation of a fashionable way of life and adding value to the project

Services and Management

A professional operational management unit that aims to provide a comprehensive ecosystem for utility services by bringing together a team of seasoned professionals and integrating technology into the operating system